Cybersecurity prediction

Cybersecurity prediction for 2021

Since the beginning of the internet, Cyber Attacks have been played an important role in these software security companies. Researchers say cybercriminals will find new techniques and innovative ways to harm individuals, homes, and their devices, in order to they will find the way to your trusted corporate network.

In this global pandemic situation, everyone rapidly accelerated the existing shift toward remote work, where employees conduct beyond the protection of the corporate firewall. In the meantime, hackers utilize the vulnerabilities found in the space between their devices and their corporate network.

What will be the landscape of cybersecurity look like for enterprises in 2021? What will be the risks, focuses, and considerations for this year where everyone busy with remote work. Here the list of predictions that will be affect enterprises and cybersecurity leaders.

Remote workers will be the main focus in 21’

Cybercriminals main focus on people’s behaviors and habits. So, they always attack from the gap they exploit from their behaviors and habits. Everyone noticed in 2020 all employees suddenly became remote works to comport with stay-at-home orders, and their working gadgets shifted safely.

remote Cybersecurity

Therefore, the cybercriminals took the advantage of this breakdown to setup vishing, phishing, ransomware, and a bunch of slews of the other attacks that targeted gaps in companies’ security postures as many were not prepared to support a remote workforce securely.

As an example, many companies allow employees, partners, or stakeholders to bring your own device. Henceforth, most of the devices lacked malware protection entirely relied on endpoint software installations. This lack of preparation will effetely harm potential disastrous.

25% of organization failed to protect their sensitive information. Organization needs to rethink their approach to secure their data specially for remote workers.

VPNs will be the main link to lose security architecture

vpn Cybersecurity

Many organizations followed legacy security like VPNs as the main solution for remote work. However, this is not a sufficient solution for the log time periods as using VPNs to excessive access to internal resources.

VPNs also represent the main significant liabilities as cybercriminals can easily take advantage of unpatched VPNs with ransomware. Even the perfect VPN setup also be hijacked by cybercriminals. As an example, we all know the Twitter hack attackers who use the stolen employee’s VPN credentials access to use their profile to promote a Bitcoin scam without having their identities authenticated.

Social Media data hijack

There are some recent researches papers released about predicting cyberattacks with social media data (2017) will be hijacked by cybercriminals. They used some core keywords from articles and applied a machine learning technique called an artificial neural network. The neural networks work vaguely mimics our brain to actively attract neuron nodes that connected with each other until the satisfactory output comes up. However, that process enables us to find the collaboration between news article and cyber-attacks.

Organizations accelerated digital transformation

Researchers say that in the year 2020-2021 there were rapid digital transformation efforts across industries organizations resist to comply with stay-at-home orders.

Since the early 2010s digital transformation has been a countless objective for ongoing organizations.

Due to COVID-19, some orders were never enforced on the organization’s to-do list. However, in 2020 has accelerated 5G to the attached remote worker to connected with could network and increases business growth to adopt recent technologies.

Increases Internet users mean increasing more data

Cybercriminals always take advantage of global events to attack a large amount of data. The number of internet users continues to increases more and more. Some of the random users increased and the number of remote workers also increased. So, more internet users come with more data. Adopting new technologies come with additional risk.

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