Best Accounting Software in this Market.

Our Accounting Manager is a web-based online software. As it’s a part of our BASE ERP Software so any organization can integrate with HRM, Payroll, and Inventory easily. This is the best Accounting Software in this market, you can employees account, role-based authentication, payroll, all fixed assets, etc. Accounting Manager software allows you to manage custom Invoices, Ledger, Manage Journal vouchers, Financial Reports, and Monthly Statements. As it’s a could base software so users can access anywhere they want. Accounting Software easily reduces your daily working load and it secured your business important information.

Why Accounting Management Software?

Accounting Management Software

Accounting Management Software is one of the best Accounting Software in this market. The software design and software features placement makes different from others. Its modules are too efficient to archive an organization’s activities. Implementing the software makes your business efficient with better performance.

Accounting Manager has several separate modules with ample features which makes the software the best Accounting Software in Bangladesh. The software will cover different types of organizations like small, medium, and large. It’s easy to use that anyone can adopt this software easily.

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Best Accounting Software in Bangladesh for your Business!

Accounting Manager is a fully automated software that can manage your accounting process more affordably. This Software manages financial, stocks, inventory, vouchers, customers/suppliers, and billing sections efficiently. That makes the software best in this market. Our Accounting Manager Software is one of the best Accounting Software in Bangladesh according to the features.

Business operations will become more extended with this software. Despite the size of the business it’s more important to have accounting software in any organization to boost profit. It’s almost impossible to manage organizations regular operations manually. So you better have one of the best Accounting Software in Bangladesh.


Accounting Software

Features of Accounting Software

Accounts Entry
  • Voucher Entry
  • Chart of Accounts Entry
  • Pending & Undefined Voucher List
  • Unposted Voucher List
  • Problem Voucher
  • Transaction Listing
  • Listings By Reference
  • Listings-By Date By Account Code
  • Print Money Receipt
  • Chart of Accounts List
  • Supplier List
  • Customer List
  • Code List
Accounting Management Software Reports
Control Ledger
  • Monthly Ledger
  • Monthly Ledger Period Range
  • Yearly(Annual) Ledger
  • Ledger By Date and Account(Daily Ledger)


  • Ledger By Date From Account To Account Old
  • Cash Book
  • Bank Book
Sub Code Ledger
  • Date Wise Ledger
  • Monthly Sub Code Ledger
  • Yearly Sub Code Ledger
  • Customer Ledger
  • Supplier Ledger


  • Customer/Supplier Selection Ledger
  • Supplier Ledger New
  • Supplier Ledger by Supplier Type
  • Employee Ledger By Account
Financial Reports
  • Trial Balances
  • Trial Balances By Date
  • Trial Balance Subcode By Account
  • Trial Balance Subcode By Date and Account


  • Schedule By Account Level
  • Statement of Financial Position and Comprehensive Income
  • Statement of Comprehensive Income Month Wise
  • Code Manual
Monthly Statement
  • Summary Monthly Cash Flow Direct Method
  • Monthly Receipt and Payment Report
  • Daily Receipt and Payment Report
  • Date Wise Account Balance with subcode

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