BASE HRM is the best HR Management Software

BASE HRM software is one of the best HR Management software in Bangladesh. It can manage companies all HR & Payroll tasks without any hesitation. Our product one of the best HR Management software in this market as it’s a part of our BASE ERP software so it can easily manage large number of employee task management, employee payroll, leave app, and HR activities. BASE HRM will be the best choice for your organization because it’s one of the best HRM Software in Bangladesh.

Best HRM Software in Bangladesh !

The HRM Software developed with the collaboration of experienced HR Executives who have enough experience in this leading industry.


A custom system enables your company's need and it will enhance more professionalism in your company. The system has highly configurable options to customize the software with your requirements.

Training & Deployment

Our expert team will provide full coverage training against HRM Management software. We strictly maintain the time frame while implementing the software and give our best to adapt our system in training period.

Technical Support

Our support team will help to solve any kind of issues as soon as possible. Our young buds are efficient to tackle any scenario related to our software.

Multi Users

Our software gives multi-users options for any business formation. Admin has every right to define the access.

Why BASE HRM Management Software is the best in this Market

one solution hrm management software

BASE HRM is one of the best HR & Payroll Software in this market. The software design and software features placement makes different from others. The user interface and the overall performance of the software are up to date for better output. HRM Software keeps a track of employee’s salaries, HR & Payroll Management, Leave app, Attendance, Increment, Loans, Insurance, Certificates, etc. That’s makes the software best HRM Software in Bangladesh.

Every reputed company plays an important role to keep employee’s data and arrange them accordingly. Our software gives an individual dashboard to submit daily reports, leave application forms, and collect other certificates. Admin has the master access to manage all employee databases easily. It will reduce your paperwork and gives you an accurate result every time.

BASE HRM has several separate modules with ample features which makes the software the best HR & Payroll software in this current market. The software will cover different types of organizations like small, medium, and large. It’s easy to use that anyone can adopt this software easily. BASE HRM software can reach the organization’s needs and gives the best output.

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BASE HRM for you Business

HRM Software stores information electronically, it will improve efficiency in recording, keeping, and finding information efficiently. HR Software helps every company to keep their information digitally and it will help to secure your data.

Hence, company’s can store the information using fewer storages with better results. Data can easily be analyzed for further strategic purposes. The software gives better security against breaches and hacking. Any type of organization can use this software for better output.


hrm management software

Features of HRM & Payroll Software

Human Resource Management
  • Payroll Processing
  • Attendance Maintenance
  • Leave Management
  • Employee Appraisal System
  • Increment Management
  • Tax Management
  • Provident Fund Information
  • Loans and Advance
  • Educational Information
  • Training Information
  • Property Information
  • Experience Information
  • Family Information
  • Reference Information
  • Computer Proficiency
  • Award Details
  • Final Separation
Basic Reports
  • Employee Reports
  • Employee List With Photo
  • Employee List by Department
Salary Report
  • Salary Sheet
  • Salary Sheet Bank
  • Salary Sheet Cash
  • Pay Slip Send by Email
  • Salary Sheet Cross tab
  • Salary Certificate
  • Challan Report
  • Pay Package Details
Bonus Reports
  • Bonus Sheet
  • Bonus Sheet Bank
  • Bonus Sheet Cash
Increment Reports
  • Increment Details
  • Date & Company wise Increment History
Attendance Reports
  • Employee Punch Record
  • Daily Absent Record
  • Summary Attendance Sheet
  • Daily Attendance Report
  • Monthly Attendance Report
Loan & Advance Reports
  • Loan Payment
  • Loan Payment All
  • Loan Payment Detail
  • Advance Payment Details
Leave Reports
  • Leave Details Report
  • Employee Leave Ledger
  • Leave Summary Report
  • Employee Certificate
  • Warning Letter
  • TDS Certificate
  • Festival Bonus Letter
  • Increment Letter
  • Training Certificate
  • Employee clearance Certification
  • Asset Handover List
  • NOC Certification

BASE HRM Support Fingerprint Attendance

The Software can easily get employee attendance reports from fingerprint attendance machines. It helps to decreases fraudulence and ensures safe physical entrance. HR Software can easily track employees in and out time. Sometimes it gives so much pain to track a large number of employee's attendance data. But the HR Software automatically calculates your employee's attendance, working hours, average in and out time.

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