Case Study: PARTEX – VAT Software

This “Case Study” includes:

Company and Industry
Service Case
Case Details
Service Features
Initial Sketch
Required Tools
Result and Outcome

Industry: Furniture

About Company: Partex Furniture Industries Limited is a leading furniture manufacturer, brought significant changes in the furniture industry of our country since its beginning.

One of the largest furniture manufacturers and retailers in Bangladesh a subsidiary company of Partex Star Group was established in 1999 with a vision- to Make Partex Star Group a diversified, sustainable world-class company to ensure superior customer satisfaction and stakeholders’ value.

Service Case: Vat Software.

Case Details: One of the leading giant companies of Bangladesh furniture market place “Partex” Came to us about their VAT management software issues.

From the very beginning of moving country to digitalized system PARTEX was concerned to making their system efficient to this new era. They wanted a system that is well furnished and user-friendly from the front-end side, secure and efficient from the back-end side.

They were looking for a creative and dynamic team to work on their case. But it is not easy to find a well-trusted team or an organization to serve them the quality and quantity at the same time with efficiency. PARTEX contacted several leading IT companies in Bangladesh, as PARTEX wanted a customized management system most of the companies back their foot from the path. Then they have contacted us about their issue. As client satisfaction is our primary target and first priority, we have taken their case carefully and started working with them.

Service Features Includes:

  • User Access control and security
  • Vendor Profile Setup
  • Customer Profile Setup User Management
  • Product/Service Setup Category wise
  • Input Material Setup Category wise
  • Bill of Material (BOM) Setup and Co-efficient Declaration
  • Purchase Entry
  • Finished Stock and Sales Register
  • Sales of Product/Services
  • Issue of Input material as per BOM for own 
    and contractual manufacturing
  • All VAT reports update automatically as per 
    NBR requirements.

Our initial Sketch for the Case:

Our strategic solution for PARTEX:
To assist PARTEX with their business, we furnished them with an answer that joins various modules as per their care need. Our VAT Software module assists them with dealing with their Product, while modules like deals, buy, and the stock was converged to dispose of the manual course of information section and stock updates. Our assembling module upholds their entire aggregation progress in each stage. Besides, with we redid the bookkeeping module, PARTEX can see the high-level ongoing announcing in the framework.
Solution Tools:
·         ASP .NET MVC
·         ANGULAR JS
·         JQUERY
·         JAVASCRIPT
·         HTML 5
·         CSS 3
Reporting Tools:
·         RDLC
·         Crystal Report
·         SSRS
·         Telerik
·         SQL Server 2017
Result and Outcome:
·         Automated Vat Services:
·         Mushak-4.3 (Input-Output Co-efficient Declaration)
·         Mushak-4.4 (Application Form for Disposal of Unused or Unusable Materials
·         Mushak-4.5 (Application Form for Merit Settlement Damage or Destroyed in an Accident)
·         Mushak-6.1 (Purchase Register)
·         Mushak-6.2 (Sales Register)
·         Mushak-6.2.1 (Purchase Register)
·         Mushak-6.3 (VAT Challan Patro)
·         Mushak-6.3 (Service Bill)
·         Mushak-6.4 (Contract Manufacturing)
·         Mushak-6.5 (Inter Transfer)
·         Mushak-6.6 (VAT at Source Deduction Certificate)
·         Mushak-6.7 (Credit Note)
·         Mushak-6.8 (Debit Note)
·         Mushak-6.10 (Purchase & Sales Statement for Value More Than Two Lac)
·         Mushak-TR- 6 (Treasury Receipt)
·         Smart Vat software added the government-approved vat percentage to the product in the invoice.
·         Improved product list.
·         Improved service management which helps to store client desire and complaint reports.
The company’s story additionally underlines a significant achievement factor: Getting the executives focused on a VAT project. For this situation, the fellow benefactors started the task, which experts say frequently spikes representative reception.

What PARTEX says about our solution:

DI SYSTEM LTD has been providing a cutting-edge solution to us from the beginning of our journey.” Mr. Aziz Al Mahmood
Managing Director


Final Structure:

A must Remember Message from us: 

  • Poor management can scupper implementation, even when you have selected the perfect system.
  • Integration across different sites requires a lot of upfront effort – but it pays off in the long run.
  • Brief your staff on exactly what they should do and not do. Don’t get non-specialist staff to carry out non-specialist roles.