This “Case Study” includes:

Company and Industry
Service Case
Case Details
Service Features
Initial Sketch
Required Tools
Result and Outcome

Industry: Furniture

About Company: It all started in 1976, when the Chairman and Founder of Akhtar Group, K. M. Akhtaruzzaman started his business with Akhtar Furnishers showroom. Innovative designs and high-quality products won the heart of the customers very easily. Since then, Akhtar Furnishers is socially recognized as the most prestigious furniture brand in the country. With the passage of time, the company grew bigger and initiated several units including construction, foam, mattress, board, doors, adhesive, polymer, fashion house, magazine, and TV channel. At present, the group is considered one of the largest conglomerates in Bangladesh.

Service Case: ERP Solution, Dealer Management Solution.

Case Details: One of the leading giant companies of Bangladesh market place “Akhter Group” Came to us about their ERP, Dealer management software issues.

From the very beginning of moving country to digitalized system Akhter Group was concerned to making their system efficient to this new era. They wanted a system that is well furnished and user-friendly from the front-end side, secure and efficient from the back-end side.

They were looking for a creative and dynamic team to work on their case. But it is not easy to find a well-trusted team or an organization to serve them the quality and quantity at the same time with efficiency. Akhter Group contacted several leading IT companies in Bangladesh, as Akhter Group wanted a customized management system most of the companies back their foot from the path. Then they have contacted us about their issue. As client satisfaction is our primary target and first priority, we have taken their case carefully and started working with them.

Service Features Includes:

•           Sales Management

•           Smart Vat System

•           Purchase Management

•           Inventory Management

•           Accounting (advanced reporting system)

•           Employee Directory

•           Leave Management

•           Employee Directory

•           Human Resource Management

•           Manufacturing & Production

•           Payroll Management

Our strategic solution for Akhter Group:

To assist Akhter Group with their business, we furnished them with an answer that joins various modules as per their care need. Our CRM, HR, ERP module assists them with dealing with their HR, while modules like deals, buy, and the stock was converged to dispose of the manual course of information section and stock updates. Our assembling module upholds their entire aggregation progress in each stage. Besides, with we redid the bookkeeping module, Akhter Group can see the high-level ongoing announcing in the framework.

Solution Tools:

  • ASP .NET
  • HTML
  • CSS

Reporting Tools:

  • RDLC
  • Crystal Report
  • SSRS
  • Telerik


  • SQL Server 2017

Result and Outcome:

  • Assists clients with delivery Furniture to the nation over in 24 hours from one of three distinct stockrooms, without stock blunders.
  • Conveys a huge number of requests each day, without delays.
  • Gets ensured mistake-free information from its ERP framework, rather than gambling blunders from physically entered information.
  • Could significantly increase its request volume, whenever wanted, without effect on its frameworks.
  • Smart Vat software added the government approved vat percentage to the product in invoice.
  • HR system improved efficiency of the employee.
  • Improved product list.
  • Improved service management which helps to store client desire and complaint reports.

The company’s story additionally underlines a significant achievement factor: Getting the executives focused on an ERP/VAT/CRM project. For this situation, the fellow benefactors started the task, which experts say frequently spikes representative reception.

What Akhter Group says about our solution:

“They have been providing excellent service that contributed immensely to our business growth.”-K.M. Rifatuzzaman
MD, Akhter Group.

A must Remember Message from us: 

  • Poor management can scupper implementation, even when you have selected the perfect system.
  • Integration across different sites requires a lot of upfront effort – but it pays off in the long run.
  • Brief your staff on exactly what they should do and not do. Don’t get non-specialist staff to carry out non-specialist roles.